Don't miss Skyline's first ever live show.

July 14 2000

Jackel Studios
443 Broadway




Skyline, the highly deconstructive electronica/guitar,drum -n-bass quartet will make its historic first live appearance on July 14 at a loft party sponsored by Movement NYC. The event will be held at Jackel Studios  located at 443 Broadway, 3rd Floor (Cross-street Broome)in lower Manhattan. At press time we were told that the group will perform two 45 minute sets between 10-12. The entire party will run twelve hours starting at 6pm.

The group consisting of SkyKing (AKA Damian Catera), JB, VO and DJZ is known primarily for their ground breaking NOISEOTICA cd (HarshHouse 1999) which featured a guitar based approach to electronica; high on appropriated grooves and turntable chaos.  NOISEOTICA has gained considerable attention with underground broadcasters, netcasters and  even some club DJs. The cd was reviewed positively in a recent issue of OUTBURN magazine.

Skyline's debut performance is part of a much larger 12 hour party entitled OUTERSPACEINNERSPACEOUT: Multidimensional Explorations which is being put together by Harsh House friend Mark Johnson (aka Dr.Mojo). This marathon of craziness will consist of live Dj's, sound performances and a midnight spectacle which you'll have to be there to truly enjoy. for more details you need to go to the MovementNYC website right now.In the meantime, here's the lineup for July 14:
  • Dr. Mojo ambient soundscapes / guitar + flute
  • DJ Tortoisehead funk, trip-hop, ambient DJ / mini-moog
  • Catherine Mazer independent film "the apple is red"
  • Damian Catera algorithmically processed guitar / video projection
  • James Keepnews vorticists / dub assasians
  • Mike Rose mutant performance systems / sax + digeridoo
  • Jason Martin multi instrumentalist / performance artist
  • Acolyte Inc. intelligent lighting
  • Skyline live drum+bass / trip-hop / ambient
  • Mark Raskin progressive house DJ
  • MachinElf psy-trance DJ / brainmachines
  • Vadim psy-trance DJ / subtleChaos
  • And the MOVE*MENT collective
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