An indy review of Videordeal from the keyboard of Bill Trudell

What you get with Condemek's Videordeal is a glimpse into what can be done with creativity, computer graphics, industrial music, various video snippets, and a shock to your sensibilities! What you get out of Videordeal will depend on your tolerance level, squeamishness, and whether you fall to the right or left of Senator Dole's war ravaged arm. What you should get out of Videordeal is the opportunity to take the bizarrest of bizarre video journeys.

Condemek explores a wide and varied range of subjects all tied together with a common theme, "Negativity". The monotony of everyday life and resulting suicide solution, the "Right to Life" movement, as well as the presence of greed and religion in everyday life are all presented in a humorous and shocking attempt to offend. And the attempt fortunately succeeds.

Condemek dares to ask the questions:
"What happens when pig-masked supporters of 'Choice' march along with and confront right-wing religious zealots protesting an abortion clinic?"

"If a woman on all fours engages in sexual relations with a pig, would it still be called doggy-style?". "And how does the Virgin Mary fit into this nonplatonic barnyard relationship??"

Examine the video and decide for yourself!! With Videordeal you get the sounds as well as the sights of Condemek's twisted world. The loud, mind-numbing industrial sounds of the band are a perfect complement to the graphic and potentially disturbing sights presented within. When all is said and done, I'd give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!!

"Most morally inspiring film since Boystown" --N. Gingrich

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