The following review of Dogmama appeared in the Winter 1990 issue of 'Sound Choice' magazine.

A rude assault of mind-and-soul shattering noise from accomplished angstmeisters. The title refers not to Lassie, but to when according to the liner notes, "dogma becomes one's mama." Plenty of raging electronic grunge and rocket blasts here along with the requisite cantor-of-doom vocals, but all with a fantastical edge."Technokillspiritill" the opening salvo of "side uhhh" puts you in between the ears of some wheezing robotic colossus, creating a kind of post-industrial Golem - an eerie role to play for the unsuspecting listener. If sonic violence is your cup of toxic tea, put this near the top of your next Mother's Day gift list. --John Baxter

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