Con Demek (an abbreviation for Contemporary De-Mechanization) was formed in 1986 in the post-industrial wasteland of upstate New York. Currently, the group consists of founding member Damian Catera (guitar, voice, programming) , Steve Lombardi (computer stuff, voice, visuals) and Roxanne Benedetto (guitar,voice).

Con Demek's music can best be described as a textured soundscape, at times rhythmic and at times chaotic. It reflects a variety of influences from rock, to industrial, to free improv and experimental electronics. Additionally, there is a strong conceptual foundation to all of the work which is rooted in their desire to use the medium of music and multimedia as anthropological tools, engaging the listener/ viewer in a critical discourse, exploring the negative outgrowths of various belief systems . Central to this approach has been the group's utilization of pranks and surveillance. As an example, a piece entitled "Penance" on their 1994 CD release, was based on secret recordings of group members making false confessions in roman catholic confessionals. The goal of this piece was to get the priests to confront the inherent contradictions of the catholic system of morality.

Con Demek has had four full length releases and a variety of singles and compilation tracks. Each release has been independently produced and internationally distributed. The debut album, "Disgorging Elements" was released in May of 1987, the follow up release "Dogmama" came out on the legendary RRR label two years later. In 1994, the group released its first CD "Happy Ordeal" on the British Fourth Dimension label. Their current release, "Technological Shack Job" came out in October of 1997 on the German Tesco/ Functional label. In addition to these, the group released a full length compilation of video works,"Videordeal" back in 1994. "Videordeal" was screened in its entirety at Woodstock '94 and was excerpted for broadcast on the French Canal+ Network the following year. The tape was also released in the European PAL format by the French GMBH label in 1996.

Con Demek's performances are intensely chaotic featuring live, textured electronics and multiple channels of video. Over the years, the group has shared the stage with a variety of bands and soloists including Merzbow, Agitpop, Cop Shoot Cop and Eugene Chadbourne. In November of 1996 Con Demek performed at the "Experiences" festival in Paris with PBK and the Schimfulch Group.

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