Damian Catera: guitar, dsp, MAX programming, voice, Geoffery
Steve Lombardi: computer stuff, dsp, voice, Otis

Technological Shack Job: heavily fragmented and rambling discourse: Shack job= our filthy little relationship with technology..... Like a drug addict and his or her fix; we like it, it makes us feel good but we're acutely aware of the negative consequences as well, namely the edification of a society where technology is becoming more and more of a determining force... Like the other day; I was watching MSNBC a television network owned by the Microsoft corp, they have this guy who I like to call the "cyber hippy" he was preaching the gospel according to Bill Gates (his boss) . Cyber Hippy argued that the obsolescence of computers is like a natural process, man..... just like things decaying in nature. Hmm, now Microsoft is redefining natural processes...... the birth of a new religion??? Somebody please stick a loaded shotgun down this guy's throat and pull the trigger. Please!

This is not an argument against technology in and of itself, (we would be the most hypocritical luddites ever) but it is a critique of the emergence of technology as a religion/cosmology/mode of existence......and the stupid idealism (ie WIRED) that somehow technology exists in a vacuum far removed from negative social consequence and that somehow it will magically transform society into some plugged-in Utopia. For every positive, there are many negatives...... Then again, perhaps you didn't think that growing up with nuclear weapons pointed at your head was such a big deal...

Most of the pieces on this CD center in some way around this and other themes...it's up to you to figure out how it all fits......good luck.

"Then Joyce demanded that we get married."

Roxanne Benedetto: guitar, voice, synth, Sylvia
Jay Mentes: percussion on Full and Child

Lee Ranaldo: Guitar on 'Strategies'

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