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Saturday January 17, 2004
Art in General Video Marathon

...been shocked and awed lately?

Damian Catera's short video SHOCK AND AWE will be screened as part of "Pushing Paper", a program of new video works that address the current political situation during the Art in General Video Marathon . The entire marathon runs from 12pm to 12 am on January 17. The "Pushing Paper" program runs from 3:30-4:30.
Art in General is located at 79 Walker St. in NYC.


... bush administration domestic policy initiative ?


With SHOCK and AWE, I re-examine the 911 terror attacks, placing them into a context which is critical of the official narrative.

The piece is divided into four chapters, the first three consisting of a repeated loop of the second plane hitting the south tower of the World Trade Center. This footage is from my own documentation of the event and has never been shown publicly. Each of the first three chapters focus on specific aspects of the attack, much of the information has been taken from published reports. The text in these chapters is displayed via the lower screen text crawl which has become an omnipresent staple of mainstream news since the attacks.

The first chapter focuses on a brief history of trauma based mind control, which originally came into vogue with the Third Reich during the mid 1930s. The destruction of the German Reichstag in 1936 is cited as a precedent of the 911 attacks. The second chapter examines the military’s airline intercept procedures, which were not followed on that fateful morning. A timeline of the September 11 attacks is compared to a timeline involving the Air Force interception of professional golfer Payne Stewart’s doomed private jet in 1999, leading to the obvious conclusion that interception procedures were not followed on September 11. The third chapter is a listing of published reports showing that elements of the US government were repeatedly warned of an impending attack for several months leading up to the attack. This contradicts several official contentions that the US was attacked without warning.

In the fourth and final chapter, the World Trade Center loop is replaced by a montage of footage from mainstream news coverage of the recent war with Iraq. This is primarily designed to show possible motivations for the 911 attack within the larger context of current US foreign policy.