KK Null & Damian Catera

FREAKOUT MODULATION , the fourth CD release on the US-based Harsh House label, is a collaboration between Japanese composer/ improviser KK NULL and US based computer musician/ guitarist DAMIAN CATERA. The two solidified a creative relationship during their 1999 US tour. This release showcases their shared interests in sound based composition and improvisation. Null, who is primarily known as the guitarist/ vocalist for the legendary Japanese rock group Zeni Geva, contributes sounds improvised with his "Nullsonic" performance setup. Catera, known for his work with ConDemek, samples these contributions modifying and structuring them with his MAX/ computer based machine improvisation system, occasionally adding guitar. A third dimension of material was added by Null prior to the postproduction process. The end product is an alluring eight piece sound voyage, taking the listener through chaotic , atmospheric and subtley rhythmic landscapes.

FREAKOUT MODULATION was recorded an mixed at Null's Prima Natura studio in Japan and the Harsh House in the US and was produced and engineered by both participants.