New York based improvising noiseician, sound and media artist Damian Catera will return to Europe for select performances between October 15-25, 2004 to promote the release of his new cd RADIO deComposition which will be released on his own Harsh House Label (www.harshhouse.com).

Catera, who is primarily known for his work with the now defunct US based power electronics group ConDemek (TECHNOLOGICAL SHACKJOB 1997 Tesco -Functional) will be performing intensley chaotic improvised pieces for guitar and live radio which is sampled and manipulated in real-time with algorithms he wrote in the MAX/MSP programming environment. The resultant chaotic breakdown of the sampled sounds and Catera's response to that during performance are the main ingredients to the approach that he labels "deComposition". The new RADIO deComposition cd consists of improvised pieces for three live radios and algorithmic processing recorded live in various venues in New York.

Since his last trip to Europe in 2002, Damian has presented sound installation pieces in numerous exhibits and has performed in various New York/ US venues including The Kitchen, Free 103point9 Gallery and Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Space. An ardent and vocal critic of the policies of the George W. Bush administration, Catera has produced and screened many political videos and also recently worked on a 24 hour live web-radio stream which chronicled the protests surrounding the Republican National Convention in New York City.

Catera will support power electronics groups Einleitungzeit (Slovakia) and Aghiatrias (Czechia) on select dates while in Europe. These dates will be organized by Ars Morta Universum, Praha's center for autonomous industrial culture. Performance footage of both groups is included on
The Chaos Chronicles 2 video which was also released on the Harsh House label.

Recent career highlights for Damian Catera include his involvement in the New Sound New York series of performances and exhibitions during the spring of 2004. For this series, Damian particpated in the "Rock's Role" exhibit at Art in General and also performed at ((Tune In) at The Kitchen. During 2003, Damian's video Weapons of Mass Banalization was screened at the Moscow Inernational Film Festival's MediaForum and the Centre for Contemporary Art in Vilnius Lithiania. His newest video Shock and Awe, a scathing critique of the Bush administration's 911 coverup was premiered at Art in General in early 2004.

Damian is also active as a sound artist with the New York based Free103point9 transmission arts collective and is currently working on a collaborative sound installation with them for the Spectropolis exhibition in New York City's City Hall Park. Free 103 will also be releasing Catera's live algorithmic remix of Sonic Youth's guitarist Thurston Moore's appearance at ((Tune In).

TOUR DATES (more dates to be added)

Oct. 20--ZKM School of Design-Karksrhue, Germany
Oct. 23--Barakuda - Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic